Mlini & Dubrovnik

Some places are an inspiration by themselves.

They turn the mystery of the sky, the sea and the sun into yearning of the most beautiful kind. Mlini and Dubrovnik are one of them!


It is the most beautiful place of Zupa Dubrovacka, with its captivating clear sea, shallow beaches, sheltered bays and the small river of Zavrelje. Mlini is abundant with flower gardens and promenades, hotels, lovely houses and splendid summer villas.


Beautiful beaches, rich history and cultural program, happenings, night life, Mediterranean cuisine is just one part from the rich offer of Mlini. Mlini is known as hospitable place, because people from Mlini welcome warmly and cordially.

The name of the place comes from the mills (Mlini means "mills") that used to be moved by the waters of the rivulet Zavrelja. The brooks with many small falls still pass through the place and are today inhabited by innumerable ducks.

Being located between DUBROVNIK and its airport, hectic is far but still close enough.

Apart from or because of its peaceful sun, you enjoy swimming from spring to late autumn. Whatever you are looking for, Mlini is the place to stay and enjoy, for you and your family.

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Proximity of numerous spectacular islands (Lokrum, Elafits, Mljet, Korcula), magical scenery and breathtaking viewpoints, almost untouched nature and beautifully incorporated traditional Mediterranean architecture make this city one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Therefore, visit Dubrovnik and become one of many to confirm the words of famous G. B. Shaw.

Dubrovnik, Old Town

A swim in the crystal clear sea, a cocktail in a romantic setting under the sky sown with stars, the sunrise ... Dubrovnik in summer offers also street performances, ambient drama performances in the historic areas and virtuoso concerts in the atrium of the Rector's Palace, small and large festivals of the unique ambiance and atmosphere. Dubrovnik is a town of festivals, the unique stage!

Music, night clubs, film screenings - all under the stars! Tours of world famous DJs, clubbing at beaches , while film lovers can enjoy the world premieres at the Dubrovnik’s summer cinemas.

In Dubrovnik during the summer you will meet many world famous celebrities, see their luxurious yachts moored in the old port, spot them enjoying the culinary specialties ... Why not taste for yourself Dubrovnik’s cuisine and wines at the excellent restaurants and taverns!

Dubrovnik in summer invites you to sit on the steps of St. Vlaho, at the foot of Orlando, to wash in the fountain and drink the fresh water, or, like many tourists – to attempt to pull off your T-shirt while standing on one leg on top of the Franciscan church mascarons. It is really worth to discover the sights of Dubrovnik, a World Heritage Town under UNESCO protection since 1979!

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Relax! Listen to the street entertainers and a cappella bands under the vaults. Experience the fiery cheering in the old port, where the strength of the amateurs water polo players, young men from Dubrovnik’s beach resorts, is put to the test in the unique amateur league, called affectionately the ‘’wild one’’.

Visit the nearby Elaphites and enjoy the beautiful blue sea, green vegetation, and leisure activities which are all close at hand! Relax, enjoy... and come back again!

Why would you like to come in Mlini?

If you want a quiet holiday with possibility to enjoy in rich events of Dubrovnik, and you prefer a sandy beaches, come to Mlini! We would be honoured if you choose our apartments for your holiday, where you will enjoy our hospitality and quality in offer during your vacation in Croatia.